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Garnet Hill

Supporting Communities Worldwide


For nearly 30 years, Garnet Hill has worked with like-minded organizations to improve communities and better peoples’ lives. And for 65 years, Heifer International has worked with communities around the world to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. It is this shared desire to strengthen communities, at home and abroad, that forged the partnership between the distinguished catalog merchandiser and the global humanitarian organization.

Heifer's Approach

Heifer’s solution to hunger and poverty is to provide the world’s impoverished the gift of livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture. Heifer’s cornerstone of Passing on the Gift—where each recipient gives one or more of their animals’ offspring, or the equivalent, to others in need—creates an expanding network of hope, dignity and self-reliance.

Heifer's Work

Heifer is addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty in more than 40 countries. In the United States, one household in 10 does not have access to enough food to meet basic needs. Heifer’s activities in the U.S. focus on bringing resources together with communities in need to strengthen sustainable, locally focused food systems—providing the security of a reliable source of nutritious food. In our work across the world, from Asia and Africa, to Central and South America, Heifer’s proven method helps communities lift themselves out of poverty – one family at a time. Learn more about Heifer's mission and cornerstones.

How can you help?

Give to Heifer International

Heifer and Garnet Hill need your help to eliminate hunger and poverty around the world. Help families in need, who then pass on their gifts to even more families, improving the livelihood of entire communities. With the gift of a heifer, goat, flock of chicks or a hive of honeybees, you help strengthen communities and their move toward self-reliance.

Garnet Hill and Heifer

A partnership that continues to Pass on the Gift… In 2009 Garnet Hill asked their customers’ opinion on what charitable initiative they would choose to support. The number one choice was the elimination of hunger, and Heifer became the natural choice. With their customers' generous support, Garnet Hill is excited to reach out and help end hunger in the world permanently.