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Promoting a healthy, hopeful future


In Hebei Province, China, the inhospitable climate and low average temperatures shorten the growing season to about 100 days, limiting access by local communities to healthy, nutritious foods for seven months out of the year. Poor productivity of local livestock breeds can mean families may only have meat in their diet once a month. This leads to severe malnutrition and its related health problems.


In Zambia’s Copperbelt region, impoverished communities are plagued by illness, poor nutrition (especially among children) and food insecurity which stretches their resources to the breaking point.

Thanks to the generous support of Elanco and its employees, Heifer International will be able to assist 2,100 vulnerable families in Indonesia, 6,210 families in Zambia and 1,008 families in China (more than 40,000 men, women and children) giving them the tools they need to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. A combination of livestock, training in environmentally-sound animal management and farming techniques, and education in human health, nutrition and sanitation will result in improved household nutrition and higher household incomes.

Your gifts made through this web page will support Elanco and Heifer International in their efforts to bring health and hope to the people of these regions.

Double Your Donation

Consider giving a gift representing one of the following:

  • Fruit tree seedlings - $20
  • Share of a Heifer - $50
  • One day of farmer training - $100
  • Dairy Goat - $120
  • Draft cattle harness - $200
  • Heifer - $500
  • Vegetable seeds for all project families - $1,200
  • Veterinary drugs/vaccines for the first year of the project- $1,800
  • Dairy Goats for four families - $2,400
  • Veterinary kits for the entire project - $5,500

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