Environmental Damage

In the communities where we work, we aim for zero: zero hunger, zero poverty, zero environmental damage. We believe the power to achieve this mission lies in the hands of small-scale farmers,

Nearly 1 Billion People Still Live In Extreme Poverty

Nearly 1 billion people still live in extreme poverty, so we’ve spent the past several years exploring how we can help more people move out of poverty, more quickly. We’ve taken the best of our methods and applied economies of scale to exponentially increase the depth and breadth of our work’s impact. We have a roadmap in Heifer’s Theory of Change, and we incorporate it into every one of our programs:

  1. Increase income and assets
  2. Achieve food security and robust nutrition
  3. Improve the environment
  4. Facilitate women’s empowerment
  5. Strengthen the social fabric of the community

No number of isolated, short-term projects is likely to address the deep, systemic causes of poverty and hunger. We organize our work into large-scale programs, each with a set of overarching goals and objectives designed to improve the conditions of entire regions.

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We Organize & Mobilize

We invest in local capacity, appropriate technology, training and other agricultural resources. We work with communities to help them prioritize their needs, develop a vision of success, identify existing and needed resources and build a plan to accomplish that vision. Where possible, we organize small-scale farmers around the food value chain that best meets local capacities and regional needs. Once these components are defined, we put organizational systems into place to empower communities to achieve their needs and wants and to live out their values.

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We Care About Sustainability From Within

Our internal structure is consistent with our approach to achieving lasting change. We develop deep roots in countries and communities, supporting national offices until they are able to operate independently. Branch offices in each of our areas  —  Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe  — have graduated to become independent organizations that participate in a dynamic, growing Heifer global network.

We seek out a variety of partnerships with private and public corporations, governments, academic institutions and more, united around common goals.

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We Are Helping The World Move Forward Together

Together with our partners, we bring holistic solutions to the challenges of hunger and poverty around the globe. With our collective impact, we’re reaching more people and maximizing our program effectiveness. We want to share what we have found to be successful and to build on that knowledge with others who can join in our mission of ending hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.